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A sanctuary for spectacular transformation one shift at a time. Celebrate your spiritual truth, cherish your physical being, embody yourself.


Waking up to awareness is a simple and profound experience. Our innovative energy awareness training, readings and healings are down to earth and accessible. Your work with us will be poignant and expansive. Join our group of students or become a private client as we journey to the universe within. Training can be experienced in person, via skype, within the scheduled classes or at your own pace one to one. Embody yourself.

private sessions

A spiritual hello is an amazing gift to give yourself; it brings you home. Remind yourself of your possibilities, integrate your body's knowledge, create a sanctuary of transformation and a space of simple release. Imagine yourself on the other side of this growth process.

intuitive body and being

When we set off on a course of internal investigation, we meet many sides of ourselves we may not expect. As we navigate our internal seas with grace, our spirit offers an alternative to our mind games.