The Anatomy of one Miracle

…or how you get ready for one.

Once I had a car that kept breaking down. Every time it broke down I became frustrated, “Now I have to put more money into it,” I whined!  Because I was experiencing financial challenges I wasn’t able to buy a new car at that moment.  But “that moment” kept repeating itself. Each time the car broke down over, I became more attached to the idea that I had to keep pouring money into it, “What choice did I have?”

Then I consciously focused on my Miracle space a few times a week and let it be.

And the car broke down again. This is when the moment happened,  my spirit said, “I’m done. That’s it. I am selling you!”  I was ready to let go.  I finally felt I did not have to keep the car.  And I hadn’t felt this before.

In the tire shop a few days later, I struck up a conversation with an elderly man waiting to get his car fixed.  He shared that everyone wanted to buy his car. It was old, low miles and in great shape. As I listened to him, my spirit relaxed.

I knew and felt what I wanted to create for a new car.  A feeling of pure relief washed over me; the peacefulness of knowing exactly what I wanted- an old car, low miles, loving cared for by an elderly person.  One week later a friend emailed to say someone wanted to gift a car and “would I be interested?”

You can substitute anything for the car in this story.  It can be your relationship, your job, a move you want to make.  Do you spend all your time resisting what you don’t want, that you never get around to creating what you do want?

Here are 3 steps you to manifest miracles:

Recognize you can create and receive miracles

Let go of what is not working

Imagine and feel what you would like to bring in

The woman gifting the car was Ethel. She was in her 90’s, had taken excellent care of her 14 year old Camry which had only 6100 miles on it.  As we drove the car around town together I looked at her and said, “I had been praying for a miracle. And she said, “Me too.” We were both exactly what we were looking for.