Are you Intuitive for Kids

I have a few new intuitive children’s classes. This one below is “Are you Intuitive” for 8-12 year olds. There are a few others available on the Outschool format, which is awesome btw! Today’s class is almost full. But the longer format which begins on Monday has openings.

Can you imagine a world full of children who ground and access their spiritual information with ease? I love this thought.


Are you Intuitive?

It’s fun to use our intuition! In this 60 minute class, I will share about the different ways we use our intuition. How do we know when our mom wants to talk to us and she hasn’t said anything? How is it that we can know the answer to a math problem without doing the math first? What does it feel like when a room feels comfortable and when it doesn’t? And what do we do about it?

Let’s have a conversation and explore the ways we know stuff! We will be talking about what it’s like to know things through feeling, hearing, vision and dreams. We’ll investigate whether we can call upon it when we need to or whether it comes to us at specific times. I will share examples and we will tune in to each sensation and experience through meditation, personal story, writing and drawing. Let’s create moments of insightful quiet time so we can hear our inner voice.

Intuition comes in many forms, through what we feel in our heart and gut, hear in our mind and dream at night. And I want to hear how you do it. My 8 year old and I talk about this stuff all the time. And it’s supportive and clarifying. Sometimes we just need to off-gas so we can allow our answers to come in. So let’s talk about tools which can create valuable releasing. I see my son make changes in his life based on his inner knowing and it’s courageous, and incredible to witness.

This class will help you validate your subtler senses. Your subtle senses help you make the right choices for yourself and trust your instincts. This is invaluable in life on the playground, in relationships with siblings and friends and your future businesses!

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