Barbie gets a grounding cord

Today, in the first meditation class at Willy’s Gym in Orleans, I introduced the idea of a grounding cord. Part connection to the earth, part shoot for unwanted energy; it’s a glorious, often overlooked tool in our ascent to spiritual enlightenment. Why? Because it’s not about ascent. It’s about arriving here, on earth, in the body.

It’s our spiritual GPS. It helps by giving us a way to release energy into the earth. Our bodies release energy by crying, laughing, jumping, sweating; one way our spirit releases energy is by grounding. When our spiritual body grounds then our physical body can match that space of release.

I brought an old Barbie to class with me to help me teach. So, imagine Barbie. And now imagine one of those long funnels, a kid’s toy. It opens wide as you throw it forward. Now see that funnel connect to Barbie’s first chakra, an energy center at the base of the spine. Watch gravity pull the funnel all the way to the center of the planet.

Grounding is one of the simplest form of recycling I know. And a great way to stay centered.
Notice how peaceful Barbie becomes, as if she just got that new townhouse with the elevator.

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