Retreat Schedule


AUGUST 18-23

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9-10 am  MEDITATION  Grounding
10:20-11:30am MOVEMENT  The whole body
5-6pm  ENERGY TOOL  Your space
6:30-7:30pm  EVENT Aura Healings


9-10 am  MEDITATION Running earth and cosmic energy
10:20-11:30am MOVEMENT Legs and Feet
5-6pm  ENERGY TOOL  Female energy
6:30-7:30pm  EVENT  Group reading


9-10 am  MEDITATION Creating and Releasing
10:20-11:30am MOVEMENT  Spine
5-8pm  EVENT Outdoor Sauna (please bring a water bottle and food to share afterwards)


9-10 am  MEDITATION  Protection
10:20-11:30am MOVEMENT  Pelvis
5-6pm  ENERGY TOOL Creativity
6:30-7:30pm  EVENT  Fire circle


9-10 am  MEDITATION  Own the center of your head
10:20-11:30am MOVEMENT  Belly
5-6pm  ENERGY TOOL Forgiveness
6:30-7:30pm  EVENT  Mary Magdelene Healings


9-10 am  MEDITATION Goals
10:20-11:30am MOVEMENT / CLOSING CIRCLE: Putting it all together


MEDITATIONS focus on your body-being communication.  You will learn simple and effective meditation techniques to address your energy anatomy. See the training page for more information.

MOVEMENT workshops are a mixture of movement exploration, writing and drawing. No experience is necessary. These explorations bring your awareness to the story or energy pictures that you hold on a cellular level. The guided movement is refreshing and enlightening.   For more information on this work see

ENERGY TOOLS are advanced tools taken from the Inner Light Program, a year long program in Energy Awareness and Self Healing.


AURA HEALINGS: students in the Inner Light Program work with a healing guide to assist you in clearing your energy body and aura. Clear the energy body and the physical body will follow.

GROUP READING: CFPH Director begins with a gentle meditation and then gives mini readings on energy that is affecting participants owning their essence in their body. Since this is done as a group, a very powerful healing environment is created as each person clears their “matching” energy.

OUTDOOR SAUNA: We have built an enclosure out of saplings and blankets to hold deeply heated rocks. Cold plunge and outdoor shower available. Please bring a water bottle and food to share afterwards. Do not eat immediately before your sauna.  Bathing suits optional.

FIRE CIRCLE: A quiet and talking circle- share your spiritual journey, share a talent, story or song.

MARY MAGDENLE HEALINGS: Mary’s healings are powerful and gentle. These mini healings are done within a group setting so that the group can heal as each healee does. With CFPH Director.