Classes Beginning This Week

This Wednesday, October 2, Inner Alchemy begins. And on Saturday, October 12, Female Alchemy begins. What is the difference between these 2 Alchemical classes?

Inner Alchemy teaches the profound and simple tools of spiritual gps. What changes within your system when you ground? How is your daily life affected when you bring your aura around you? What happens when you give your body the opportunity to run earth and cosmic energy through specific channels? Does this free up your spiritual energy to create?  Once these concepts become spiritual realities, you are ready to learn energy anatomy and self healing tools. First, you have to know “where” you are!  We meet 4 times via Skype for 1.25 hours each.

Female Alchemy is an joyful and empowering sanctuary for women. How do you feel when you let your awareness reign?   When the ovaries and sciatic nerves release energy, what happens to your thoughts?  When you use the energy of the “baby maker” for creating your life, do you want to create something new?  We meet 3 Saturdays in person  (4 hours each), via Skype 3, 1 hour sessions (tbd) and 3 half hour private readings with Michelle (by appt).

Your Spirit has your answers. Both classes give you time, community and support to hear yourself. We are happy to create this space for folks in the Northeast and beyond!

To reserve your space, phone Director Michelle Pelletier at 707-849-7793.



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