Are you a divine adventurer?

I have two new groups forming. Would you like to be a part of them?

Inner Alchemy 1 is an 8 week class which brings awareness of your Being into view; where you learn an effective path to acknowledge you are a spiritual being. Can you imagine what it’s like to see your life from this perspective?  We meet for 1.5 hours a week on Skype.

Read, Heal, Be is an 8 week class which teaches you to create sanctuary within.  Learn to read yourself and others and work with a healing guide to take your next step. We meet for 2 hours per week on Skype. Pre-req: Inner Alchemy

Both classes are magical!

And if you want more, the Inner Light Program is a year training that reaches to the depths of your Being and brings you to your divinity within. We meet weekly for 2.5 hours for class and 2 hours for clinic via Skype and in person. This program is ongoing.

Join us.

p.s. You can also do Inner Alchemy 1-1 in your own divine timing.

Blessings, Michelle