Women’s Healing Clinic Summer 2017










Our next female class is beginning Friday, April 14 for 4 weeks.

I had a perfectly ungrounded female experience setting up this class. In my efforts to accommodate many students who wanted to be a part of this next step, I wavered. I got lost in 3 different time zones, 5 varied work schedules and my single parenting life schedule  I chose a time that felt off but I couldn’t “think” of a better time that would fit all of our needs.

Does that sound exhausting? It was. No wonder class didn’t fill.

Then I stopped, moved all the students out, re-owned my certainty in my 7th and saw a new time and format I hadn’t paid attention to before.  “Wala!”  Participants are joining in.

Even after many years of living with the tools from Female Alchemy, I completely flub it up and have to laugh at myself.

When I try to create my life by thinking things through, by managing imagined consequences, I get confused.  Doubt reigns. Yet when I create my life as spirit through meditation and visualization, I have emotional freedom from supposed constraints. I can see into the truth of the moment. I know what steps to take even when I don’t know the end result. I can see my answers.

Do you ever try to accommodate everyone else’s needs and you lose yourself? Or maybe it’s just 2-3 people’s needs?  Do you think, “these people are on my path, I must keep them here by doing…,” is it working for you? Here’s a simple test: right now, are you confused or certain about your next big creation?

Every day, we are leaders in our lives in subtle and overt ways. In order to lead, we have to own our 7th chakras. When we don’t, well, chaos may ensue.

How do we own our 7th chakra as female spirits with intense desires to fulfill our life’s path?

A first step can be to own our female life force energy. For some Female Alchemy is a lite dusting off of a programmed – embodied – limiting beliefs. For others, it’s the beginning of a complete cellular rewiring. For those of us who have experienced trauma, it’s a game changer.   Women have experienced less physical and emotional stress during their bleeding time, more enjoyable sensual experiences, an inner lightening and a fresh view of their life’s goals.

Your spirit may have bigger plans for you than you can imagine.

Sign up for Female Alchemy to get in alignment with your BIG life goals. And if you are interested in exploring your abilities as a healer, see the information for my Hands on Healing class coming up on Cape Cod.

Questions: Call Rev. Michelle 707-.849.7793

What: Female Alchemy

When: April 14 – May 5
7:30 -9:30 pm et

Where: CFPH Studio (with 3 or more locals) and Distance

Fee:    $175, Repeat participants receive 50% off

Registration:    http://www.centerforpsychichealing.com/female-alchemy-2/