Golden Child, my new book!

My son is almost 9, in just a few weeks, he’s 9! Which means for at least 10 years, I have been communicating with him as spirit and spirit embodied.

We’ve experienced four different levels of communication. Initially, he spoke to me telepathically.  I first noticed him as a baby being. I received visits from him every week or so and decided, yes, I want to be pregnant.

After conception, we spoke telepathically more often and he began to show me what he would look like at ages 1 and 2 in my dreams. He showed me what we would be doing together at those ages.  And as life became tumultuous at the end of my pregnancy, he reassured me all would be ok.

When he was born until about age 4- though I sang to him all the time and we talked with our physical voices- our communication was primarily through mental image pictures. It didn’t matter his words as he was always showing me the images of what he wanted to say.

Our biggest transition came when he began to speak without pictures,  to learn to talk… to focus his communication with words disconnected from mental image pictures. As he learned to form sentences, I remember being stymied at this transition and missing the ease of always knowing what he was saying.

Now, 10 years in, we experience speaking as spirit with pictures when we are grounded and feeling at peace within ourselves. We also experience the challenges of being ungrounded, when we use only words to communicate something that has shut us down.

Throughout these 10 years, I have learned the simple power of teaching my son how to ground and be present. And he has taught me how to best go about teaching meditation tools to a child. I have watched him use his tools to tend to himself; I learned how to set up our home environment so that we can each work though our learning curves as spirit, sometimes with more ease than others.

Golden Child stems from my 10 years experience as a mom and my 25 years as a practicing clairvoyant. The book teaches children -and our inner child- step by step, how to embody meditation. It is part guidebook, part coloring book, part journal and simple.

Stay tuned for more information this week as it becomes available in its first incarnation as an ebook.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover.