I’m teaching two Theatre Classes at Cotuit Center for the Arts which begin on October 15.

I am going back to my roots. Theatre. Theatre and Healing actually. In 2001 I stood on a small cement circle, the center of the outdoor theatre at Epidaurus in Greece, and I did my monologue from my first Greek Theatre class at Studio Theatre in D.C. It had been years and it was worth it. The theatre was built with sacred geometry; the hills created natural acoustics and a palpable sensation for the body. When I stood on that spot and spoke in a normal tone, the sound reverberated throughout the whole of the theatre, which holds 20 thousand people and the force and weight of my voice pushed against me.

Miraculously, I had 45 minutes alone at the sacred theatre. I was able to play and move from the center point farther out. As I did, the physical pressure that my voice had once caused, dissipated until I my voice flew into the air with no consequence. There was no weight or physical reminder of my voice as if the air soaked it up and I wondered, “am I heard?” I walked back to center.

Everyone should have the felt experience of the true power of their voice while supported by the land around them.

When I teach clairvoyant tools, a similar magic happens. But I don’t feel the weight of my voice, I feel the energetic opening of the room, the stillness and aliveness that can happen when people become present.

In two weeks, I begin two classes where I will bring together this sacred art of presence on stage. I am thrilled to be teaching at Cotuit Center for the Arts again. This summer I led a fabulous “Super Silly and Serious Plays” class for kids where we write and learn how to co-exist lovingly with our ideas and others’!

My adult classes are Scene Study and Solo Performance. The scene study requires a bit of experience yet the solo performance is a beginners class, a process oriented body focused experience. The performance is set as a meditation for the witnesses which allows everyone to “be” in the room more. The links are below. Take a look. There’s a small theatre bio too. And here are a few reviews from the witnesses of the amazing performances:

“Very powerful, brave, intimate, deep, amazing alchemy, an honor…”Susan

“I could wholeheartedly relate to them all- and you remind me so much of being wonderfully present and having fun!” Chris

“I personally love the mix of theatre and process- touched by all the senses- I feel the mix touched me even deeper than it might have otherwise. “Jeanne

The work is Body focused, Spirit centered, Theatre inspired. I hope to meet you in the courageous place where words, breath and spirit meet.



Michelle Pelletier has presented her work at Santa Clara University, New College of California, Body and Soul: Women’s Healing Conference, Shotwell Studios: Speak up and Dance, ODC: Wild Women Series, Magic Theatre, Center Stage, Calfornia Theatre Center and San Francisco Fringe Festival. She graduated from American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco and studied with Anna Halprin in movement based expressive arts at Tamapla Institute in Marin, CA. Michelle’s work deeply supports storytellers of the body and spirit. Her classes are light hearted and powerful. People leave more in love with themselves.