Inner Alchemy October 24 – November 21, 6-8 pm

I hadn’t been a student for too long. And I was excited to be one again. This fall I had the opportunity to sit with a master healing teaching for a weekend meditation retreat. I looked forward to the 15 hours of clairvoyant learning, to answering my own questions, to peacefulness.

I received all of these and it was incredible.  Yet I had forgotten to leave room for my growth!

Growth comes when you take a spiritual step. I felt the spiritual step I was creating within the first hours, but the part I didn’t plan for: the release. I was truly happy to be on my own the first night as I became inundated with old beliefs and concerns. I was full as all that I was releasing came pouring out.

I had to laugh at myself. I really did need to be a student, to grow, to experience the spiritual off-gassing, to sit in amusement with my growth. And to feel the expansion of my being within my body.

There are people who can set energy so that we meet ourselves in a new way. These people are healers. The answers I received that weekend, I had been waiting for. And I was so glad for the release.

Inner Alchemy begins Monday, October 24 at 6 -8 pm. Create the space for yourself to know the inner peace you have. It isn’t far away. It’s right by your side. Bring it in.


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Please register via the link above. You will need to pick a time for the class – a software glitch – pick any time to get through the registration process. We will adjust the time on the back end. See you on Monday!

Questions? You can reach Director Michelle at 707-849-7793.