Inner Alchemy: March 24

INNER ALCHEMY is a meditation and energy awareness class. As we gather information about our energy body, we create the space to release and to have our answers.

Our life force energy travels through rivers within our energy body. These channels merge, connect, release –  sensation and our awareness. When the rivers flow we feel good. When they clog we feel stagnate. Ground the body. Allow your energy to flow.

Guide Your Life Force Energy. Let the river flow.

Join a community of like minded spiritual seekers on Cape and Internationally. Learn energy anatomy, creating a sacred space within, how to heal yourself and celebrate your innate awareness as a gift to yourself and the world.

The first step in our training at CFPH.

Wednesday, March 24, 5 weeks, 1ilva-230x1530:30 – 12 pm, new york time zone