Inner Alchemy: psychic training for the sensitive soul

We know what works well for us. We hear our inner voice. We listen to our path as it unfolds. Let’s take the next step and learn how to direct our life force energy. Inner Alchemy is a 4 week class filled with intuitive tools designed to bring our awareness within our body, help us recognize our spiritual information and ground our certainty in our life choices.

Psychic tools and energy awareness training are deceptively simple. “Michelle, this is so SUBTLE and POWERFUL!” my client Richard would saw with each shift in awareness; a new horizon expanding before him. I loved working with Richard. We worked together weekly for over a year.  He was a gentle soul and at 63, very enthusiastic for change. He’d been an alcoholic for years and then for just as many years, sober. He was ready to be joyful within. I kept telling him I would have to get him the t-shirt, “subtle and powerful.”

The best way to explain this work is to experience it.  But since the point of this post is to explain it,  I’d have to say… it’s subtle and powerful.  Imagine yourself on your best day, in the best moment of your life, when you felt connected, cared for and centered. This is what you find when you close your eyes, turn within and unearth YOU.  The training is much more than you can anticipate and not what you expect. It is something you experience. The joy of being yourself. The most deceptively simple concept around.

No matter your age, no matter your life experience, when you begin to see yourself as spirit a door opens to the world, your isolation releases and you feel joy.

Join me for this Inner Alchemy class on Skype, Wednesdays, August 21 – September 11 from 8-9:15 pm est. The fee is $120. To register for class send a request to:

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