Organic Market, Jan 14 Gallery Psychic Readings, Meditation

Organic Market, Jan 14, Gallery Psychic Readings, Meditation


Psychic Healer
Rev. Michelle Pelletier
connect the dots of your life


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When we are in communication with our soul we feel cared for, led, empowered. For 22 years, Michelle’s mission has been to validate spirit in the body. This will be a night of readings, meditation and self healing techniques to enlighten your relationship with your soul.

I have had the pleasure of doing healing work in buildings with no electricity, in the middle of a vineyard at full moon, and next Thursday night @7 in the midst of joyful organic vegetables. I wonder what telepathic communication they will have to share? I may incorporate a short meditation on the food that our body needs.

Muscle testing gives you immediate feedback on what your body needs. On Thursday night I will teach you a way to look as spirit at what you need. It’s as simple as: true or false.
The ability to access your spiritual information is invaluable. What questions do you have?

What have you been dreaming of creating for yourself recently? I have auditioned for a play after 17 years of being off the main stage! I have found just the right play with its mixture of pathos and zing – whether my single parenting allows my creation or not at this moment- I have had an amazing healing stepping in to my previous career. Bring your goals and dreams to next Thursday’s gathering! As a group, the power of our healing is exponential.

January 14

Organic Market, 640 Main Str. Dennisport, MA

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