Join us on our Miracles Retreat Feb 19 – 24 in California!

It’s three weeks away! Our 3rd Annual Miracles Retreat, a destination Meditation and Healing Retreat in the Napa Valley.

This year’s theme is Female Sovereignty. When I sit with our intention, the images that come up first in my mind’s eye have to do with our political climate. Yet I know our sovereignty goes beyond our political landscape to the essence of our communication with the Divine. When I give myself stillness in meditation, I see this. Our world, though breaking open, is diving into clarity through chaos. I have watched many clients over the years create great change through a chaotic time.

YES, we know how to do this. The small actions that we do every day change our world; the hello, the smile, the reaching out.

Our sovereignty is our clear communication with our being, our path and one to one communication with timeless love. Each day we can affirm this in meditation and in action.

It is a deep kindness to give ourselves this space to release, be present and recognize our ability to create miracles in our life.  Our Miracle energy is a state of being and this is not in opposition to anything. It is inclusive.

Would you like more information about this space? Give me a call to talk about your Miracles goals for you life. I’d love to hear them.

We are looking for a wonderful person for our Retreat, a Cook. This position is a work trade. Give me a call if you’d like to be you or if you know someone who is just right!