Mama and Kids Meditation Classes begin the week of October 16 in Harwich at CFPH.

For the past 9 years I have had an amazing teacher. He points out when I’m not grounded, he asks me to stay present when I am upset and tells me that having fun is the best way to accomplish anything. This teacher is my son.

I am in awe of our communication. I love talking with him about spirit and how each of us show up. He strings 30 questions into one when I finish teaching a class and he wants to know what it’s like.

We enjoy ourselves, get stuck and find our way out again. He taught me how to do a “do over” when he was two. This has saved us and me countless times. Energy jams become pieces of cake when you have do overs in your tool kit.

He recently made the leap and told his school friends that I “know things.” He is aware enough now to know being clairvoyant isn’t a usual topic of conversation within his larger community. And yet we do it all the time. Each time something comes up with his friends, we talk about the energy of the moment and his options to clear what feels uncomfortable.

For a few years now, Moms in our community have asked about learning Meditation tools and wondered whether it would help their children and communication.

Here are a few of the classes for Moms and kids:

What color is my bubble?
My space, your space, do we share a space?
Bedtime, dreamtime, quiet time and leave me alone time
Letting go and neutrality
Earth and cosmic energy
Amusement- can serious be light?
When mama is a t-rex, when mama is a fairy
Heal my ow
I can heal you mom but you can do that too
Your miracle energy
Did I know you before?
Telepathic communication
Mental image pictures

I created the Center for Psychic Healing as a sanctuary for clairvoyant meditation and self healing because my life changed when I learned these tools.

When I was young I was shy, withdrawn and didn’t trust myself. I didn’t have confidence in the world. I had a group of friends but I didn’t feel truly myself with them most of the time. As a young healer, I didn’t understand how much I soaked up what was happening within my surroundings.

At 22, my dreams told me I would learn healing. I moved to San Francisco for Grad School in Acting and within two weeks of my arrival, I received my first clairvoyant reading.

I was curious. How could this person see me? How could he tell that I, as spirit, was in his space? And how did I somehow know what that meant? As I learned, I began to answer some of my questions, “Where am I and what am I?” And my sadness and disconnection began to clear. I found a simple joy within that sustained me. I found that I could share what was truly important. The walls within began to dissolve.

Can you imagine talking with your children about spirit, how your emotions shape your day, how energy boundaries help? Can you imagine having these tools for yourself? These classes are created for mamas who want more ease within themselves and their family.

Let me know your goals. And feel free to call with any questions.
In spirit

Rev. Michelle Pelletier 707-849-7793