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Touching in: personal moments from last year’s Retreat.

The physical surroundings at the Resort held me in a state of ease and peace. I think I left the complex 2 times in the 6 days. I didn’t have a need for anything else, and no desire for extra stimulus.  As a single parent of a six year old, I was overjoyed to have my own bed, to be able to shut the door to the bathroom, to be taken care of by Lauren who cooked and cleaned up after all of us. I witnessed tremendous relief and understanding wash through the women as they cleared belief patterns that had caused distress.  I heard laughter as each woman recognized the divine absurdity of not believing in their ability to manifest miracles for themselves.  I felt the strength of Mary Magdalene’s energy pulsate through my hands as we received her healing as a group. These were all Miracles. I felt taken care of the whole time and I was the one leading the Retreat! Last year’s Retreat was a delight beyond words.

Our participants felt deeply cared for, nurtured by the rhythm of the workshops and the food Lauren made for us. We were able to drop in to the natural hot springs at each break and soak under the stars at the end of long, simple, fulfilling days of meditations. We each left with a strong sense of our ability to manifest and receive miracles and a commitment to our lives.

As I reflect upon the year since, I see many emotional openings that I finally allowed within myself. These were the unexpected miracles. The grace and redefinition of who I am. Will you join us in the natural hot springs and healing waters to reset your Miracle Space?

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