When you put your attention on creating a miracle for yourself, what do you imagine? Is it something concrete to balance your physical world? Is it a feeling or sensation? Is it a dynamic way of relating?  What do you want to create for yourself?

What if when you went to create for yourself, you didn’t hold back?  And what does it feel like to go for it?

There was a woman in the training program who wanted a new car. Being a sensitive, she noticed that there were many people in her life acquiring new cars in the time that she was wanting to create one for herself. And hers was not manifesting! What was going on?

In a reading she received the picture that she was healing what others around her wanted. Once she called her energy back into her own space,  her car found her within the week.

Sometimes it’s not our “havingness,” the idea of what we can have for ourselves- an inner gauge- that affects our ability to create a miracle, it’s how much we give away.

Take a moment to call your creative energy within. Give it to yourself. Imagine it as a gold sun oozing into your space, filling you up. Then feel the feeling of “going for it.”

Feel it before you go to bed at night. Take the time to remember your dreams the next morning. Jot down some notes. What answers did your astral body give you about your miracle space?

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