ABOUT Web june 2016


Speaking Engagements

International Women’s Day, WILPF                  Yarmouthport, MA
Celebrate Life                                                          San Francisco, CA
Unity of Radiant Light                                          Providence, RI
Unity by the Sea                                                     Annapolis, MD
Unity Church of Central MA                               Worcester, MA
Unity of Cape Cod                                                 Hyannis, MA
Albertsons Church                                                Greenwich, CT
First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island        East Providence, RI
First Spiritualist Church of Onset                     Onset, MA
One Light                                                                Hyannis, MA

Articles and Interviews

The following articles were posted to Cape Women Online:

I’m Happy When I’m Feeling Crappy

Spiritual Awareness vs. Safety

Junk Mail from God

Radio interview on 92.1 WOMR

Talking Back – Energy Healing with Michelle Pelletier (MP3/Interview on 92.1 WOMR)