ABOUT Web june 2016


Speaking Engagements

Mindfulness in Education                              Encompass Learning, Dartmouth, MA

International Women’s Day, WILPF                  Yarmouthport, MA
Celebrate Life                                                          San Francisco, CA
Unity of Radiant Light                                          Providence, RI
Unity by the Sea                                                     Annapolis, MD
Unity Church of Central MA                               Worcester, MA
Unity of Cape Cod                                                 Hyannis, MA
Albertsons Church                                                Greenwich, CT
First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island        East Providence, RI
First Spiritualist Church of Onset                     Onset, MA
One Light                                                                Hyannis, MA


Articles and Interviews

Full Moon Story Slam, Finals

The following articles were posted to Cape Women Online:

I’m Happy When I’m Feeling Crappy

Spiritual Awareness vs. Safety

Junk Mail from God

Radio interview on 92.1 WOMR

Talking Back – Energy Healing with Michelle Pelletier (MP3/Interview on 92.1 WOMR)


What do others say?

Michelle tuned right into me, like she knew me for years, it was amazing. I learned more about myself in the short time she spent talking to me, than I have in the many sessions I’ve had with the readers that have known me for quite some time. She did energy work on me that I felt immediately.  I am so thankful to have found her, and the Center.

T. New Paltz, NY.


I am just finishing up the 2nd Annual Miracles Retreat being held by Michelle at Calistoga (CA) Spa Hot Springs – 5 days of spiritual energy healing that has really ROCKED! Amazing work of clearing and creating in a beautifully supportive environment: delicious nourishing food, healing soaks in hot mineral pools, meditative walk in a labyrinth, beautiful local hike, gorgeous, warm sunny weather,  and even a full moon! During the Retreat we all experienced a number of validating miracles.   Can’t wait to see what manifests during the coming year! Will definitely do this again! Michelle is a gifted psychic as well as a talented and compassionate teacher. Working with her is a miracle in itself. Anyone who works with her, whether in an individual reading, a Skype class or in person will benefit greatly. JUST DO IT!

S. Cape Cod, MA.


Michelle is an incredible healer and teacher. The Center For Psychic Healing is an amazing sanctuary space where you can get a quick “hello” with a reading or healing, or journey deeper to heal your core pictures through classes or the inner light clairvoyant training program. Studying with Michelle has given me the tools to simply “clear” anything I don’t need in my life anymore and an awareness that all my answers are really within me. Once I learned how to just start showing up for myself, the world became a far less complicated place!  Of all the the different paths I’ve taking in pursuit of my personal and spiritual growth, my work at the Center For Psychic Healing has made the greatest impact.

B. Newport, RI.