San Francisco Clients

Pleasure. That’s what San Francisco is to me. It’s a delicious city full of zest, creativity and opportunity. And I’d like to share my time with you when I am in town. I am leading the Miracles Retreat from Feb. 21 – 26 in Calistoga. And I have time to share with you before and after the event for private sessions.

Experience a nourishing Hands on Healing or claim your next step with a clarifying Hour Reading Session. If you’ve been waiting to meet in person for your groundbreaking Energy Awareness Training, not to worry, I can work with you as early as February 18.  This will shake up your internal programming like nothing else and set you on the path to leading with your spirit heart.

Choose a session and call me. I still have my local number: 707-849-7793

Michelle Pelletier