Santa Fe and your Stunning Female Energy

I am in Santa Fe exploring an idea for a Retreat; hot springs, desert warmth, sacred sites and shopping at the best second hand store ever.

The community here has begun their long walk to Chimayo for Easter weekend – a pilgrimage site, deemed the American Lourdes – many come for renewal and a desire to change their path.

When we delve into the resurrection stories of Inanna, Persephone and Jesus, they lead us into nourishment. Sacred sites walk us through moments of darkness into energized light.

Each Spring, the earth holds our hand, gently reminding us of rejuvenation. She has done this for millennia.

In this weekend of resurrection, the most potent story can be our dynamic rewiring. What is ready for the compost heap? What is ready for light?

Would you like communication about stepping out in a new direction? I have two appointment openings for Readings in Santa Fe on Monday. Email if you’d like to come in for a dose of validation! This photo is of the beautiful spot where we will meet.

Welcome Spring, welcome dynamism
in spirit


P.S. The energy is building for tonight’s class!  We begin our next Female Alchemy class tonight, Friday, April 14 at 4:30 pt / 7:30 et.

Questions: Call Rev. Michelle 707-.849.7793

When: April 14 – May 5
7:30 -9:30 pm et

Where: CFPH Studio and Distance

Fee:    $175, Repeat participants receive 50% off