Seasonal Sunday Services Beginning Soon

I have a wonderful spot in mind in my favorite town, near houses I ran between as a child darting through neighbors yards, near beaches where I sunk my toes in the hot sand after my lips turned blue from the water, near ponds that taught me the exhilaration of skinny dipping and the rush of swimming across; where I feel at home.

This is what a healing service is about. Coming home.

I’ll be able to announce where this special place is in 2 weeks. And since we are seasonal, we will meet weekly until Oyster Fest weekend, when the Cape rests peacefully in its quietness until the next June.

What is our spiritual recipe for our service?

Imagine 90 minutes of Meditation, Spiritual Community, Hands on Healing, Sanctuary to call God / Goddess, a Spiritual Message, local Musicians and group Healing.

Join our mailing list if you would like more information about our upcoming healing services. We look forward to seeing you in the sanctuary.