Experience a session full of relaxation, healing and self discovery.


A reading honors what you deeply know about yourself.  It is simple and life affirming when a clairvoyant looks at you as a being.  It cuts through false ideas of self and validates your true knowing.  It pushes you to recognize that your power lay in bringing your awareness to the present moment. It is about your essence.

Your reading is uniquely tailored to lead you beneath your conscious experience into the still voice that holds your answers.  As I focus on you in the present moment, you can arrive in the present for yourself, this in itself is an enormous healing.  I talk about what’s working for you and what you may want to let go of.  I do not focus on your guides or your future. I focus on your essence and this moment.  This promotes clarity on your life’s path.  There is healing work which happens throughout the reading. Bring your questions to the session, this time is for you.

Truth at times is funny and allows you to let go of old pain. Waking up is a beautiful life affirming process.

In person or Skype

$125 – 60 minutes
$67.50 – 30 minutes

24 hour Cancellation Policy

YOUR SPIRITUAL WEALTH: an exclusive series of readings

Your spiritual wealth is your information. Design a series of readings to access your life’s wealth.

I have a treat for you. I am so excited to offer this to my clients, a powerhouse group of intuitive beings. Each month for 6 months you will harness your being and ask the persistent, loving and tough questions about who you are. Address the thoughts that repeat in your life. Excavate your truth.

Stop wondering what’s next. You’re awake. Bring your attention to right now. This series engages your sub-conscious while bringing your spiritual energy to the forefront.

*Encourage your intuitive opening
*Redefine and attain your goals
*Clarify your confusion and turn it into emotional ease

Each month you will address a different aspect of your self and uncover your longing, creativity and passion.

Choose 6:
Relationships  *  Family  *  Home  *  Finances  *  Career  *  Your Joy  *  PTSD  *  Parenthood  *  Your birth  *  Relationship with God/dess  *  Easing Childhood Trauma  *  Creativity  *  Addiction  *  Self Love  *  Vacations  *  Past Life  *  Your Body   * Your Choice


In person or Skype

Phone to set up Intake Interview

24 hour Cancellation Policy


Light touch and energy work are used to facilitate healing through the energetic and astral bodies. Drop into your parasympathetic nervous system as your physical body matches the healing you are doing as spirit. Hands on Healings are in person and 45 minutes in length. Distance Healings are 20 minutes and are done on a weekly basis. Please email your healing requests once you book your session. Clients receive a short email confirmation following their healing to share about the healing.

$70.00 – 45 minutes
$35.00 – 20 Minute Distance Healing

24 hour Cancellation Policy


I have a new service! Flower essences. As a sensitive, I have always found flower essences to be one of the most helpful forms of physical /emotional / spiritual healing.

I have new batches of freshly made essences. Most are lovingly harvested from our land.

This work is done over the phone.  I ask your energy / emotional body which essence/s would serve your highest good. Sessions include a dosage bottle which is taken for a month.  If you would like to mix your own flower essence, please see the product page, coming soon, for more information. It is a pleasure to share these lively, flamboyant, communicative and supportive flowers with you.

$49 – 20 minutes
24 hour Cancellation Policy



Reading Clinic:  First 2 Tuesdays of the Month, 8:30 pm et, Skype, 1 Hour sessions, $35

Healing Clinic: Third Tuesday of the Month, 8:30 pm and 8:45 pm et, Skype, 20 Minute sessions, Free

Graduate Readings, by appointment, $60