Intuitive Awareness brings you into your own answers. Put your attention on what you want to know.

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You were born with awareness, spiritual tools and healing abilities. Tap into these to change your life.  


It is delicate and profound work to become spirit embodied. You are constantly gathering information about your energy body and the world around you.  Step out of your thinking self and slip into your body with awareness.  What you do with your awareness matters.  In this workshop learn to ground and embody your essence. Notice the difference between your creative spiritual self and your physical experiential self.

These tools are designed to ground your certainty in your life choices, bring your awareness within your body and empower you to recognize your spiritual information.

Learn to see your energy body and visualize your spiritual anatomy. Create a precise understanding of your grounding,  your aura and how to release energy that is not yours. Work with a healing guide as you own your healing abilities. Allow your awareness to heal you.


4 Week classes

Pre-req for the Inner Light Program
Center for Psychic Healing Cape Cod
Skype for distance students


KUNDALINI and Grounding
an expression of wellness
Join us for this workshop on healing with your Kundalini energy. Use the natural energy of your being to heal, release constriction and empower your body-being communication. Learn how to turn on and turn off this potent energy.


Your truth will set you free

cropped-michelle3.jpgEnergy Anatomy, Clairvoyant Tools and Meditation act as superb doorways into our truth. Once there we heal limits, attain goals and transform our inner world. Experience the bliss of being you.

Waking up to awareness is a simple and profound experience. This 1 year program is a sanctuary for spectacular transformation one shift at a time. We meet weekly for class on Cape and 3 times a month via Skype in the evening for practicum.

Heal,  read,  validate your spirit,  know your path.                                                             

ILP  Monday morning Class+ 3 nights a month Practicum

10am – 12pm (in person)
Evening Class 7:30-9:30pm (tele-seminar)

Location: Center & Skype

Pre-req: Inner Alchemy



newsletterpic3Unleash your female power

Gauge your success by your relationship to yourself. Do you have dominion over your thoughts and internal wellbeing? Can you allow yourself to feel blessed? We can create amazing success in the outer world yet still feel an internal struggle for freedom.Female Alchemy is a 3 month sanctuary for women. Each month we will learn how to heal our female energy body, release any sense of punishment and learn to soar with our female essence.This sanctuary includes:
* one 4 hour class a month
* one half hour reading on your female wellbeing and spiritual tools
* one hour teleseminar, 8:30 pm tbd
* aura healings by Inner Light Students
* distance learners welcome



sorceress-9557127Live your dream

A Creatrix is a woman who knows her worth, goals and spiritual seniority. Your spiritual autonomy lies in your 7th chakra. While you learn to teach spiritual tools, you clear the path for your enthusiasm and information to take hold within.

This sanctuary includes:
*Class 2 times a month
*Monthly Energy check with Director
*TA classes
*Offering energy and skills checks to the ILP students
*Discount on Hands on Healings

Pre-req: Inner Light Program for Women



Jettison your life and career


You have accomplished your first or second set of business goals and are wondering what’s next?  Do your life / work expectations exceed your current professional employment?  Tap into your next growth cycle with meditation and visualization.
We meet for 7 weeks to:
  • Revitalize your goals 
  • Read the signs of your change
  • Expand your idea of your creative and financial self 
  • Establish a fertile ground for new growth  



heart-drawing.jpgSomatic awareness, meditation, movement based expressive arts and breath

Utilize these tools to delve into the body’s cellular memory. Our body’s mythology will be explored in solo work, partner work, in drawing and writing. Let’s ease our story up and out of our system to be replaced with our spiritual essence. Drop in on Wednesdays at 10:30, play with the body’s story and unleash charged energy which can be replenished with grace. Each section of the body- chest, pelvis, legs/feet etc.- will be given 4 weeks of discovery. Curiosity is the only  necessary ingredient.  Michelle brings 25 years of focused and detailed awareness to what is held in the physical and spiritual bodies.


Spend a Summer weekend on Cape Cod enjoying your spiritual nature at the Center. 

Tools will be taught based on students awareness. These can be grounding, working with a healing guide, talking with nature spirits, mockups, how to take your next spiritual step and the art of havingness! There is ample time to go out to lunch, receive a healing session or swim at one of our beautiful local ponds. You can also rest in the woods at the property. A delicious organic gluten free meal will be provided on Saturday evening after class.