This Fertile Life

OFFERINGS for women who want to take an intimate look at the energy of conception, pregnancy and birth. There is tremendous opportunity for healing as you bring a baby spirit into being. Step into parenthood with awareness.

Intuitive Bodywork & Readings with moms who want to conceive.

Psychic Readings with pregnant moms and their baby beings.

Spiritual Birth Packages to clarify mom’s healing goals during pregnancy and create a grounded birth space.


THE WORKSHOP    (in)fertility + intuition = this fertile life


Women are looking for affirming and alternative practices that validate their body’s innate wisdom as they look toward motherhood. This is a beautiful journey for women who want to become pregnant. I envision this work as an internal celebration!

There are times when ego controls our relationship with our body and we cut ourselves off from a parent’s best tool, our intuition. This can come about because we have blocked emotion from our own childhood: the chaos of an alcoholic parent, trauma that made the body shut down, the early death of a loved one or isolation.  As we conceive and birth our spiritual tools turn on again. There is room now to release the old pain and shift into an easier relationship to our spiritual and physical self. Though our physical body can birth our baby, our spiritual body creates the agreement with the baby being.

In this retreat we will shed light on beliefs which may inhibit our birthing into parenthood, release blocks that may be affecting our wellbeing, cultivate our relationship with our spiritual self, and recognize how to speak with the spirit of our baby.

Introduction to Our Energy Body

What does our energy body look like? How do we nurture ourselves and listen to our intuition? How do we release pent up frustrations, doctor’s beliefs, well meaning friends, and outdated roles? When we come from within, we find a state of balance. From this balanced place our goals come to us. We release confusion while learning to allow our growth. Simple tools. Exhilarating process.

We finish with healing tools to release concerns for our body and regarding our path into parenthood.

Our Emotional Truths

There are certain beliefs which our bodies – emotional, spiritual and physical – hold as true. Ego can be at odds with these held truths. Transformation occurs when we bring our awareness to these “darlings” of our beliefs, the ones we can’t seem to shift. They are the silent thoughts we share only with ourselves. We may not even want to change them. In meditation we address these core beliefs as spirit. We will breathe fresh air into what no longer serves our well being.

The answers we receive as we progress into parenthood serve us well as parents. Let’s not resist our biggest answers.

Embodiment of Parenthood; working with Baby Beings

Parenting begins with the wish. What are our ideas for ourselves as parents? Are we patient? Are we kind? Do we listen? Whether we journey into parenthood through birthing, surrogacy, fostering or adoption, communication and love set the tone for our path. We will clarify what our spiritual needs are as a parent. What follows is our soul answering our call.

We close with a fun meditation on these super charged beings known as baby beings. We are in communication with the spirit of our child long before they are birthed into our lives. In fact, we have choices. So do they. They visit us in dreams, they telepath, there is a lengthy interview process- all as spirit! They are powerful beings with a lot of enthusiasm to come onto the planet. Learning to communicate and set boundaries now will help when they are 3!

Check out the blog page for ways in which this work affects women’s journeys with conception and healing.

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