Spirit Mama: Meditation and Communication with the Spirit of your Baby

I am prepping for a new class, Spirit Mama: Meditation and Communication with the Spirit of your Baby. The class grows out of the work I do, This Fertile Life, with Mom’s one to one pregnancy through birth, have experienced loss or who are in the midst of IVF/IUF. This Fertile Life encompasses hands on work, readings or meditation. Spirit Mama would be Meditation, Energy Work and Group Sharing. I am wondering if there are local women interested? And do you have topics you would like to see covered? The first class will be discounted as I will be gathering feedback from participants.
Examples of this work:

A Mom who experienced a deep physical / energetic release in relationship with her own mother- she conceived on her next IVF.

A Mom and Dad who experienced loss at birth received communication and healing about their relationship with their son. The three of them acknowledged their sacred journey together, released sadness, shared their concerns and found a place a peace. They phoned the next year to share about the birth of their daughter.

A Mom to Be who was in communication with a baby spirit, came to a place of understanding with the baby that she would want to bring her through in two years.

A Mom to Be who experienced her second IVF and miscarriage, received communication about her childhood abuse, its affects on her uterus and her desire for self care and healing first. She left with concrete steps on her path to self love and Motherhood.
My personal work with a Spiritual Midwife led me to step from one to one work with Moms to teaching the Meditations. I deepened and set the energy for my birth and experienced such joy in sharing the spirit communication I had with my son from the moment of conception!
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