The Alchemy of Becoming a Mom

Birthing is a shamanic journey.

When we want to conceive we’re enveloped by love.  To make room for more love, we need to let go of beliefs that do not fit the mother we will become.

Let me give you an example. If we experienced isolation as a child and were unable to bond with a caregiver, as we try to conceive, our psyche can go into battle with our body. Our psyche can rebel and turn the energy of our body off. Because it knows love will bring up these forgotten sensations of our youth. And that can be scary.

The feelings we haven’t acknowledged effect our ability to conceive and birth. Most of us who have experienced loss as a child have created a dynamic way of being that overrides our abandonment. It can be devastating to our ego to unearth our emotional truth.

How do we make room for our emotional truth so we can allow for conception and birth?

One mom-to-be was so engaged in caring for her entire family; mother, sisters, brother and father, that there was no room left for herself. She had been the go to person in her family since she was about 8 years old.  In her session she was able to shift her perception of responsibility for the others back to herself. She could feel this release within her low back. After 8 months of trying to conceive, she became pregnant after her next cycle. She was ready for the change.

Many of the moms I have worked with regarding conception, pregnancy and birth know what is really going on. They know what the challenge is, and it’s not usually what the medical diagnoses says.

When we validate what we know is working and what isn’t working it’s our first step as a parent. As we acknowledge ourselves, no matter what our experience has been, this knowing can create a base of acceptance and fertility. So no matter how we bring our child into our life we have made room for them.

The anxiousness, isolation or rebellion we may have felt as children does not need to take over our ability to create a family now. But we do need to listen to what we know is true. Once we acknowledge our true feelings and give them the light of day, the alchemy begins. This alchemy is our birth, it’s our shamanic journey.

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