Thursday Inner Alchemy Class Starts

Tonight in the Inner Light Program, the students and I did a reading on Wayne Dyer, as he made his transition out of the body the other night. What a powerful healing space to see his self love in action as he healed past time pain and offered love to his family.

Twenty-two years ago I took my first meditation class. It didn’t matter how much I could intuitively see about the people or situations around me. What mattered was my relationship to myself. Meditation taught me to negotiate the myriad of ways I left myself everyday; overwhelmed by what I saw or felt or remembered, it was safer to be out of my space.

When I learned to ground my body in class, I had to contend with my desire to not be present. As I slowly came back home, Meditation gave me a safety net within that I had never felt growing up. This helped me to see my truth and stay grounded when I saw another person’s bright spiritual truth.

Inner Alchemy is the first step to hone into your spiritual truth. When you find your space, you are better able to see others as well. Tonight I am so grateful that we were able to see the patience and love Wayne Dyer has for himself in his transition back into Spirit.