“Whoosh” and you’re back in

I had a wonderful client come in for bodywork again today. Each time she has a session she asks for energy work but once the energy gets moving she bows out and asks for manual therapy. She will only allow herself to release a little bit at a time.

Today she said, “I just finished planning a 200 person bat mitzvah. I need to feel like I’m done with all the planning. Do whatever you think will get me there.”  With those directions I left the room. As she changed to get on the table  I said hello to her as spirit.

“So what’s going to get you there?,” I asked her spirit. “Hands on Healing,”  she responded.  Ok, I thought, that’s what I will do.

As I began the hands on healing, her mind was racing, her heart was racing and I wondered how long it would be before she asked to switch to manual therapy. Would she make it through the energy her physical body was handling to have the spiritual release she was looking for?

As my hands traveled along her chakras and energy channels she released small amounts of energy and began to process her ideas about giving to herself, what a great mom she is and how proud her ancestors are about the party.  At each inner calibration she made, I kept feeling the push to back off as spirit and switch to giving to her on a body level. I decided to wait until she told me on a body level. Her spirit was still clear and wanting hands on healing.

When I got to the final section of the healing, I felt a “whoosh” of energy move as she owned her body for herself.  She cleared out the energy from the party that she was handling and dove into her space. Then it was time to do massage.  She was in her body and could receive it.

After her session she said, “I felt this huge ‘whoosh’ during the healing part. What was that?”

I said, “You came back in to your body. Welcome back!”

“Oh,” she said. “I felt it a couple of times. But that once… I wasn’t sure what happened but I knew I felt it.”

I smiled at her. “I know, it’s subtle and so powerful.” She laughed with joy.

I chuckled. For me it was not subtle.  My whole body became intensely hot and I was about to start dripping with sweat then she stepped into herself. And my healing energy calmed.

As she left she sang, “Oh, I can’t wait to dance at the party!”