Why I teach Clairvoyant tools to Women

When a woman learns clairvoyant tools, the world changes. Our future comes through her. When she transforms, we all change. Whether she births or not her communion with the rhythm and cycles of the earth and cosmos, different energy structure and trancemedium ability, alters our awareness one cycle at a time.
She is awesome. She is fierce. She is compassionate and certain. When a woman learns clairvoyant tools it’s a dance; how long will it take for her to recognize her beauty, to hear her inner voice, to meet herself?
She witnesses the darkness, the uncertainty until her light becomes unwavering. This is joy, witnessing a woman come to life. Free to play within and without family karma, to speak lovingly to her healing guides, to know her heart and hear her voice.
She can ground when she’s intimate, get out of her body with awareness and call herself back in with kindness.
She can experience clairvoyance in sanctuary.
Our new sanctuary begins October 2.