Flower Essences are natural relief for the Nervous, Emotional and Spiritual systems. They are subtle and potent bringers of change. These essences are grown and harvested with great care and love from CFPH’s property in Harwich and surroundings Cape towns.


Azalea, Pink
Pleasure, Fulfilling longing, Addresses deep desires

Black Eye Susan
Helps you finish tasks and creative endeavors, prompts belief in your ideas from start to finish, it’s an elemental creative genius, assists you with self worth and valuing yourself, cleans the body’s valves and is a heart monitor, assists with self regulation, clears apathy at the end of a project, revives systems and clogged pores

Enthusiasm, Persistence, Clears illusions of injustices, Clears denial, Clears self imposed blocks.

New season, new growth, delicious stability, fortitude with new ventures, plants you firmly in the now

Camellia, Red
brings you into Passionate connection with your body, assists you in finding lost treasures within yourself, helps you ground through your 1st chakra into the earth, help you clear your 2nd chakra, helps you enjoy and honor passion- the sweet jesus moments.

Cherry Tree
Female Enthusiasm, Love, Grace, Releases Shame, Ease

helps you to open to yourself, reminds you to plant the seeds of change and that when you take one step at a time to get what you want.

helps you to push reset button and to see when you are not acting your best interest, helps reframe negative behavior so you can understand what you want, reminds you that you have your own danceyou want it will work

clears fear and terror, normalizes trauma in the body, relieves repetitive negative thoughts and clears mental disturbances, helps you shed disguises

Strength, Grace, Brings Awareness toward ageless spiritual wisdom and heaven on earth, releases the feeling of buckling under, helps you trust you are in cohoots with the divine and your divine self

is of god, clarifies the self through lifetimes, helps you receive messages from your spirit and your akashic records, helps you understand your divine plan, relieves you of bogus agendas

brings on the inner change of sweet spring, releases weight of the world on your shoulders, helps to shift your demeanor from solace to sweetness, brings a breath of fresh air, brings in laughter, youthful exuberance, toe tapping, singing your favorite song and play, 5th chakra clearing without effort

Little Kim Lilac
Precision, helps you create with detailed vision, quiet repose, helps you understand your needs

Magnolia, Pink
Letting go of old injustices, Stepping into a new paradigm

Peony, Pink
helps you to define yourself joyfully within a group, releases entrapment, helps you to enjoy yourself with others and trust your creativity, assists you in having playful friendships and brings your attention to your worth as a friend, 4th chakra self affinity booster, help you to create within a group

Pink Flowering Almond
Clears distractions, Addresses loneliness, Uncovers joy.

Queen Anne’s Lace
helps you define yourself, shakes the dust off old rules, is a cognitive elixir, breaks the many little unneeded rules in your space in a refined manner, clears atheism, coalesces dream states and assembles the information in the physical world

Rhododendron, Pink
beckons you toward your next step, relieves constipation- physical and mental, assists you with night terror and fear of nighttime, delivers abundance, a good helper

Uva Ursi
Letting go of blind ambition, Staying true to course, Deciphering your calling, Being pleasing to yourself

Weeping Grief, For those who have a hard time listening within

Orange Flower
deflects negative karma, helps you resolve karma, disperses chaos, brings your attention to your trance-mediumship and helps you own it and your 7th chakra for yourself

Purple Spring flower
gives inspiration and gratitude,  releases tremors and softens tissue, reminds you to notice the many small daily miracles in your life, small is mighty, ripens love and peaceful existence

SToCK BoTTLeS, 1. oz,  $10



An amazing food product to kick out colds, flu, bacteria and boost your immune system.

Organic Garlic, Organic White Onion, Organic ginger, Horseradish root, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Jalapeno Peppers 

1. oz $5.00